Web Applicaties

Web Applications

In the last years Joost Brugman developed multiple remarkable web applications. These applications, that have already been used by thousands of people, allow workprocesses to flow more efficiently and end the need of many error prone manual tasks.

Processes and efficiency

The specialty of Joost Brugman is with applications, not websites and it is a remarkable difference. If a website is all about content, then a web application is about the tooling needed to produce that content. Joost develops applications that support your business processes and allow your teammembers to work more efficiently.

Joost Brugman develops applications for permanent use in company processes, but also for temporary deployment such as a customized application to support an individual project. Through an economic development cycle Joost makes customized applications available for small scale teams.

Your information in FORMATION

A well chosen application increases the the value of information in your company and makes working more enjoyable, while saving considerable costs.

Joost Brugman ensures that your teammembers no longer need to store often used information in separate files or send them by e-mail with suppliers. This reduces human effort and costs while the risk for loss of information and version conflict is decreased significantly. This makes your documentation more readily available.

Especially in projects that involve rollouts, migrations or configuration information, considerable results can be achieved. Joost Brugman helps you arrange your information management and through that helps you ensure your project's success.


Joost Brugman develops web application using Streamline, an Open Source platform for which he began development early 2010. You can use it freely and you always have access to the source code. Streamline has its own website at www.StreamlineApps.org. It is community based which means that you are never dependant on Joost. You are always free to continue development of your application with another supplier.

With Streamline, applications are built from plugins and components, each of which can always be reused, even in other projects. In that way building web applications is easier than ever.

Streamline already has plugins for project management solutions, efficient communication, online payments, Google Maps, integration with social networks and more.


For a telephony project at the Dutch government Joost Brugman developed an application organize the preferences and telephony configuration of 20.000 employees. This information was edited simultaneously by dozens of team members. Managing the entire process, from originating source information to preferences, approvals and eventual configuration files with this software allowed the projectteam to focus on their prime objective: implementing a new telephony system.

A danceschool in Amsterdam asked Joost Brugman to arrange the course-, participant- and financial information in an online application. Based on a joint process design the entire administration has been brought online. Now, the application developed by Joost manages the entire process: from the moment a new course is scheduled, to publication, signups, online sales based on iDEAL and automatic VAT reports and membership card registration. Administrative tasks that used to take hours every day now need a mere quarter every few days.