Project Management PRINCE2

Project Management

With Joost Brugman, B.ICT you bring a flexible but decisive projectmanager on board. He is pleasant to work with, knows a lot and will work with your people and your suppliers to make your project succesfull.

Nature and size

Joost has been managing medium and large projects for corporations and the government for 10 years. They are almost always ICT related but within that field they are highly varied: for example creating specifications for a procurement team, realizing technical connectivity for an application or the logistical moving of computers and telephones of thousands of employees.

As your project manager Joost Brugman assumes responsibility for the entire project at all levels. He writes the project plan including budget, reports on finances to you and your controller and gladly discusses in which way execution of the project best fits your organization.

Projects come in all sizes. Joost feels just as well at home in the boardroom as on the workfloor and enjoys reporting equally on small projects and on large projects with a budget in the millions and a large team.


In the last few years Joost Brugman lead many projects to success, including these:

The Dutch Institute for Social Security (UWV) chose Joost Brugman as projectmanager for the design and installation of all ICT facilities in the new head office in Amsterdam. Joost ensured a smooth moving in of employees in batches of more than 500 PC's and 500 telephones per day (more than 3.500 workplaces in total).

The institute also chose Joost Brugman as project manager for all major call center migrations to new systems since 2004. He lead a team of dozens of experts and suppliers to facilitate the migration towards new telephony systems in a smooth fashion.

ABN AMRO Bank considered Joost Brugman the best choice as projectmanager for set up the web hosting services for


Joost Brugman brings a unique combination of management skills and technical knowledge. He is a certified PRINCE2 Practitioner and easily gives a presentation to the board. He understands your time is valuable and that you want to know what 'it' means to your business. Joost Brugman involves stakeholders independently and involves you if necessary. At all other times he takes care of the project without burdening you.

By education, experience in the field and involvement in complex technical projects he also understands technology like few project managers do. This enables him to judge the quality of specialist products. He will absolutely leave the execution of technical details up to experts but to them too he is a worthy partner in conversation. As a Bachelor in ICT Joost can often find the weaknesses in an incomplete technical explaination and raise inspiring questions that help experts find previously unrecognised opportunities.

Joost Brugman is praised because of this rare but valuable combination of skills.


If you want to learn more about the background of Joost Brugman, then consult his resume for a complete overview of skills and experience, or discuss it with a collegue.

You can view the resume of Joost Brugman here:
In Dutch: in pdf or in msword.

You can view the certificate PRINCE2 here:
In English: in pdf.

If you are interested, but you also like to hear how other people experienced working with Joost Brugman then ask for his references. We have several contacts in different organizations that are more than willing to tell you about their experiences working with Joost.

Back to the roots

Joost Brugman prefers to look at the heart of any matter, including project management. In the last years the focus in the project management field sometimes seems shifted from profession to certificate and method. In some part he welcomes that. Certification is healthy and methods help improving the quality in projects. At the same time it means that some valuable attention is lost for that which lies at the heart of project management.

In the eyes of Joost project mangement eventually is, after stripping it entirely, all about managing concerns. After all, why does the profession exist in the first place? Not because of method or certification but because changes in organizations require attention and leadership. Without those and other factors there will be no result and the projectmanager exists solely to safeguard that result. The question that rises immediately is: "Do we have the right man?". He is looking forward to proving to you that he is.

We invite you to contact us and meet Joost Brugman. He is always looking forward to meeting new people and would love to meet you, talk about the field, maybe even about a project (if you insist) or any of the many other subjects he is passionate about.