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Corporate Social Responsibility

Brugman Holding works hard to create good results, time and again, in favor of your objectives. But, we also do this paying attention to the environment, our surroundings and the development of society. We do that because without we would act based on a short term vision. It is 2011 now, but we have to be prepared for the future.

Here are some of the most visible ways how we ensure that every goal we reach, is reached in a responsible way.

CO2 Reduction

Brugman Holding makes a serious effort to become entirely CO2 neutral. We only buy electricity that is generated using renewable resources. In those cases that we still need natural gas or other fossil fuels we try to compensate their CO2 release.

To become entirely CO2 neutral we need more than simply buying 'green' electricity and fossil fuel compensation. All our suppliers of products and services (including the production of those products) would have to be CO2 neutral too. We are still a long way from there, but if we have to buy something new, CO2 reduction on the part of our suppliers plays a major role in our selection criterium.

Paper reduction

Paper is, even when it is recycled, energy intensive. It must be produced and transported before use. We only invoice electronically to an e-mail address specified by you.

We also try to reduce paper output when we work for you. We print documents only when we really need to, or when having a paper document in our hands has a real benefit over accessing it electronically.

Electrically powered transport

CO2 reduction is great for global warming but there is more. The exhaust fumes from combustion engines contain many chemicals that are hazardous to our health and create smog. That is why we prefer public transport if possible, or for electrically powered transport if public transport is insufficient.

Electric cars and electric mopeds are sometimes subject to debate. Are they really more 'green' than conventional cars? That question is valid if they are charged with electricity generated with fossil fuels but because we only use electricity from renewable source our electric vehicles are really 'green'. We do still have to deal with a limited radius. So you might find us asking you for a place where we can charge our car or moped when we visit you. Do you have a parking spot available with a 220V power socket?

Open Source Software

The time that open source software was considered not viable is already very much in the past. GNU, Linux, Apache, mySQL, TinyMCE, Wordpress and many others have already proven that open source works and that it can be used for business models without expensive licenses or vendor lock-in.. Brugman Holding prefers open source solutions for projects.

Since 2011 Brugman Holding manages development on Streamline, a GNU GPLv3 open source web application framework. Everybody can use Streamline for free, modify it and distribute it and that leads to contributions from others. Those contributions make Streamline better, the open source community as a whole, Brugman Holding and eventually also your business.

Microcredit financing

A microcredit is a small loan to a small business that cannot get credit through the regular financial industry. Often this involves small businesses in developing countries without any capitel of their own and no credit history. Especially for these businesses, often family businesses, a small credit line offers a chance to a better life. With a loan of often no more than several hundred euro's they can purchase new materials or a new machine. The profit they can make off that purchase often translates in a direct improvement of the standard of living. Children go to school or the family can build, literally, a roof to keep the rain out.

Through KIVA, an American grass roots organization, Brugman Holding loans money to small businesses around the world. From pigs in Vietnam to clothing production in Peru and a recycling business in Malawi. That is how we contribute to a future beyond our immediate surroundings.