The phase during which a new system is brought into production often comes with circumstances not seen during other phases of a project. The differences begin with the fact that a migration takes place in neither the old nor new situation. For some time, while the migration is in progress, there is an intermediate situation of which nobody is a real expert.

Migrating is a speciality within the domain of project management. Joost Brugman has proven skills and experience to lead this important phase in your organization, especially if you have to migrate while your business is up and running.


In the eyes of Joost, key to any migration is 'unraveling', which in this context means so much as 'preventing that everything must happen at the same time.' That sounds easy, yet the lack of unraveling is often the reason why seamingly easy migrations turn into real complex hurdles unnecessarily.

From the start of any project Joost Brugman searches for ways to move parts of the migration to an early stage of the project. By executing these steps early the remaning workload is reduced naturally, but even more important: it allows the migration team to gain experience with the project's migration scripts and communication channels, before the major migration steps begin. In addition, any success accomplished early in the timeline will build confidence in the team.


During the realization of deliverables teams often work in parallel and, to some extend, autonomous. Once it is time to bring the products live much changes. Joost Brugman understands that migration order and synchronicity are key to any migration's success. Especially when some, but not yet all the new products, are live and the project lives between the old and new world extensive experience is absolutely necessary.

By experience and education Joost understands the language of both your stakeholders and product specialists. That is why he can fully understand and think along with experts on the dependencies between migration steps, without any information lost in translation. As a result he prevents unpleasant surprises and presents you with a clear timeline describing the migration path.


Joost Brugman has extensive experience in planning and composing migration scripts. He ensures close involvment of all stakeholders to establish a plan that is realistic, well thought through and widely supported. The plan is more than an enumeration of activities and dependencies. In the eyes of Joost it is always the result of a quest to find the smartest, most inventive road to the finish line and which fits best with your interests.

Even more than during the rest of the project the migration phase requires that everyone involved fully understands the plan and timeline. That is why Joost Brugman always works with highly praised graphical representations of all the steps that make up your entire migration. Furthermore he uses practice runs to train the team in using the individual scripts and find possible errors in an early stage.

Modern communication

Joost Brugman works with targeted communication, finetuned to the recipient. For a group of people that begin working with a new system this may be a session, e-mail or brochure. But once the actual hands on migration work gets underway (say on a saturday afternoon) communication usually is more about the question 'where do we stand?'

Joost Brugman uses realtime tracking of the status of any migration stap accessible online by all stakeholders. Important updates are sent by SMS or e-mail automatically to selected stakeholders to inform them about the outcome of decisions and the reaching of milestones. In this way he recently organized the communication between dozens of team members and more than one hundred stakeholders, while the executive migration team could focus on doing an excellent job.


During a migration it may sometimes be difficult to fully comprehend all dependencies, the entire schedule and all underlying steps. It is understandable that those involved are sometimes worried for the outcome. Joost Brugman listens to those worries and works together to find answers. Often that can be done with clarification, or the finding of a solution to a certain problem.

At the same time it natural for a migration to cover a period of less certainty. The concerns that go along such period, the concern for the unknown, can be paralyzing to a team. In such situations there is always the possibility that a project comes to a squeeking halt, while this is exactly the moment to persevere.

Joost Brugman understand this dynamic and therefor thinks ahead, searches for concerns early and leads the way to get your project safely through the migration phase.